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Project Vision Dynamics is the realization of a vision to support collaborative innovation and solutions

for the Building Envelope.


Having worked for various types, styles and sizes of Building Envelope companies over the past four decades, Steve Sherman, President, has participated in every role from Fabricator to Executive allowing him to learn from the experiences of others. The compilation of experiences, and the influence of others, have helped equip him for this journey.

PVD holds extensive experience in developing designs and hardware solutions and willing to work together as collaborators or partners depending on the situation.

In response to removing silos created from working in many different software systems, PVD has developed a series of Connected Workflows powered by Smartsheet that integrate critical Glazing Contractor processes including Take-off/Estimate, RFI Log, CO Log, PO Log, Submittal Log, Receiving Log, Shipping Log, Shop Support, Field Support, Daily Reports, Production Tracker, Installation Tracker, Engineering Log, Incident Reporting, Quality Assurance Log, Equipment Log, Pre-Construction Log, Master Project Schedule; and more on the way.  The program is web-based with digital support available through PC, smartphones, and tablets.

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